Who We Are
Like our Highland cow friend Hector above, we are pretty unique agency, based in Scotland, delivering valuable support services to independent hotels across all sectors and geographical areas.

Farren Hotels is led by Neil Farren, who has over 25 years experience in the hotel industry, covering all aspects of operations and specialising in revenue management and systems within the last 15 years.  He has worked with a number of different clients, from various different sectors of the industry and has enjoyed a close working relationship with various stakeholders, from hotel owners, General Managers and other stakeholders.
What We Do
In a nutshell, we aim to provide sound and honest advisory services to hotels in the fields of software and revenue management.

In today's market place, hotels need to keep an head of the curve, from how to price their rooms, where to sell those rooms, how to track where the business is coming from and what technology is available to deliver their sales.
Revenue Management Projects
We aim to provide our clients with honest advice in helping them address their challenges in the all important concept of revenue management, essentially to grow revenue and reduce their cost burden, improving the room revenue contribution towards their operating profit.
Rent a Revenue Manager
Our partner programme for hotels who do not have an inhouse revenue manager function. The service has been designed to provide insights into the room bookings coming into your hotel and to provide recommendations on your future room sales strategy.
Hotel Software Advice
The primary focus here would be on the key software used your hotel, this being the Property Management System (PMS).  This is probably an outdated term as this should be seen as the hotel operating platform and the key driver for the business. Modern technology should be seen as a tool for driving down your costs and can revolutionise your operational model.