Welcome to Farren Hotel Solutions
Here at Farren Hotel Solutions, I fully appreciate the challenges faced by businesses today – that’s why I offer a fully flexible approach, with no long term contract commitment.

Based in Scotland, I deliver valuable advisory services and expertly crafted solutions to independent hotels of varying sizes, across all geographical areas who are seeking to make a real and purposeful impact to their business.

You, my client, benefit from an excellent, cost effective and professional hotel revenue management service, as well as our expertise, helping you to increase top line revenue and drive down costs.

Together, we can build your confidence and allow your business to place itself in the most advantageous position to maximise profitability.
Why Work with Me?
I take pride in providing meticulous attention to detail which ensures that all aspects of my client’s business are appraised in order that I can recommend the most efficient and effective solutions to capitalise on opportunities available to them. 

My proactive approach to problem solving ensures that my clients can enjoy the fruits of their labour with the peace of mind that their business is being assisted and monitored by someone who cares.

You will receive an entirely bespoke service as I strongly believe that solutions should be personalised to particular hotels. From my experience, a one-size-fits-all approach is redundant in the hospitality industry, with customer profiles, spending habits and geographical locations all ensuring that your hotel needs to have its offerings and processes assessed on its own merit.