Completion of PMS Project
Just off the phone one of my clients.  They own a 20 bedroom hotel in Livingston and wanted my assistance in moving over to a new Property Management System (PMS).  The new software went live last week.  It was a hard push but we got there in the end.

So, what did I do for them:

> Review of the configuration requirements of the PMS software chosen by the client
> Developed best practice notes accordingly to fully optimise the solution for the benefit of the hotel
> Using best practice, coached the hotel team who were building the settings in the background of the software
> Continuous review of the settings, ensuring the COVID Secure messaging was inserted as a confidence building measure for the consumer
> Liaise with the software vendor team to ensure transition between the old PMS and the new software
> Liaise with the web developer in implementing the website’s new booking engine

Overall, the owner was happy with the overall process and was thankful for my oversight of the project and for guiding the hotel team.