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Hello Everyone

Over the past few days, it has been encouraging to see small chinks of light coming through regarding Coronavirus, in terms of the level of infections, hospital admissions and of course, our hope – vaccinations.  Please let the good news continue to come through, as we look towards our national leaders across the 4 nations of the UK giving us the ‘roadmaps’ out of lockdown.

But, this has come at a heavy price for the hospitality, with continued lockdown and, as I’m sure you will agree, a very fragile future, certainly in the short to medium term, for many operators and jobs in our industry.  It looks like a possible Easter trading bounce has been kicked into the long grass, international travel will probably be cancelled and, as for staycations, well we just don’t know.  Everyone is keeping fingers crossed.

Starting Up Vendor Demos Again
As you are aware, I am a hotel revenue manager and I believe that having easily accessible data gives you amazing insights into your business, enhancing your business decision making and contributing to profit generation.  Our industry’s recovery from this pandemic needs to be led by data.

So with this in mind, I continue to engage with various software vendors, to demo their solutions and to be able to share best of breed with you and help to build up your hotel technology stack.

The latest one was with Avenue9 with their new Analytics software.  The hotel industry has been plagued by what is known as ‘data silos’.  Basically this means that there are bits and pieces of your data lurking about in different software areas of your business.  As it’s highly unlikely that your hotel is using one piece of software for everything (property operations, room distribution, website bookings, competitor/market intelligence), it’s really hard to get a helicopter view of your business.

What if there was a way to bring all of these ‘barrels of information’ into 1 big barrel? Sounds good eh?  Easier said than done, but Avenue9 tries to address this and, on first glance, appears to be doing so.

This is the way hotel technology is going and I very much welcome it.  Saves time and effort in collecting the data, giving you opportunity to really analyse and use what the data is telling you.

We will be looking at other platforms, so keep watching.  You never know, something might just click for you!

You can call me on 07817838773 or book an appointment using the link on the main menu or fill in the contact form.  I promise I will contact you and follow up.