Hello Everyone

It is wonderful to see so much activity beginning to show as hotels and other hospitality businesses begin the gradual process of reopening.  This is a welcome relief as we emerge from a long lockdown winter and please may it be sustainable!

As you have probably noticed, I’ve been updating my website with a new look and my logo, courtesy of Peter MacDonald of Design Bloke (https://www.designbloke.co.uk/).  First stage now done and I will be adding more content over the next few weeks.

To celebrate the relaunch of my website, I thought I would publish my conversation with my good friend, Barry Clark.  Barry heads up Dunedin Consultancy (https://www.dunedinconsultancy.co.uk/), covering all things in the sales world.  Sales and revenue management should be working hand in hand during this period of recovery and reopening.  This is what Barry and I are discussing.  Here’s the video for Part 1:

So hope you enjoy Part 1 and if you are needing a hand in preparing for reopening,  you can call me on 07817838773 or book an appointment using the link on the main menu or fill in the contact form.  I promise I will contact you and follow up.


Avenue9 Analytics

Hello Everyone

Over the past few days, it has been encouraging to see small chinks of light coming through regarding Coronavirus, in terms of the level of infections, hospital admissions and of course, our hope – vaccinations.  Please let the good news continue to come through, as we look towards our national leaders across the 4 nations of the UK giving us the ‘roadmaps’ out of lockdown.

But, this has come at a heavy price for the hospitality, with continued lockdown and, as I’m sure you will agree, a very fragile future, certainly in the short to medium term, for many operators and jobs in our industry.  It looks like a possible Easter trading bounce has been kicked into the long grass, international travel will probably be cancelled and, as for staycations, well we just don’t know.  Everyone is keeping fingers crossed.

Starting Up Vendor Demos Again
As you are aware, I am a hotel revenue manager and I believe that having easily accessible data gives you amazing insights into your business, enhancing your business decision making and contributing to profit generation.  Our industry’s recovery from this pandemic needs to be led by data.

So with this in mind, I continue to engage with various software vendors, to demo their solutions and to be able to share best of breed with you and help to build up your hotel technology stack.

The latest one was with Avenue9 with their new Analytics software.  The hotel industry has been plagued by what is known as ‘data silos’.  Basically this means that there are bits and pieces of your data lurking about in different software areas of your business.  As it’s highly unlikely that your hotel is using one piece of software for everything (property operations, room distribution, website bookings, competitor/market intelligence), it’s really hard to get a helicopter view of your business.

What if there was a way to bring all of these ‘barrels of information’ into 1 big barrel? Sounds good eh?  Easier said than done, but Avenue9 tries to address this and, on first glance, appears to be doing so.

This is the way hotel technology is going and I very much welcome it.  Saves time and effort in collecting the data, giving you opportunity to really analyse and use what the data is telling you.

We will be looking at other platforms, so keep watching.  You never know, something might just click for you!

You can call me on 07817838773 or book an appointment using the link on the main menu or fill in the contact form.  I promise I will contact you and follow up.


human insight + data = smart business

Hello Everyone

Working with a Previous Client
It was a delight to be working again with a previous client.  Paid 2 visits (adhering to all the COVID Secure protocols) to their fantastic, luxury 4* property in Ayrshire in the beautiful south west Scotland.

The immediate tasks were the following:

> simplify the rate structure in light of the COVID19 trading environment
> tidy up the various software tools (property management system (PMS); channel manager (CM); 3rd party booking platforms)
> deliver additional training with the hotel’s Reservation Coordinator

It is entirely understandable that the various software tools and booking platforms can become ‘messy’.  Just look at what you’ve gone through lately:

> enforced lockdown
> team members on furlough
> a difficult reopening process to ensure a COVID Secure property
> health and safety risk assessments
> perhaps a team restructuring process with reduced available skill set

These tools and platforms need constant ‘maintenance’ by someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

Are you in the same position as above?  Then perhaps it might be an idea to get me in.

You can call me on 07817838773 or book an appointment using the link on the main menu or fill in the contact form.  I promise I will contact you and follow up.


Completion of PMS Project
Just off the phone one of my clients.  They own a 20 bedroom hotel in Livingston and wanted my assistance in moving over to a new Property Management System (PMS).  The new software went live last week.  It was a hard push but we got there in the end.

So, what did I do for them:

> Review of the configuration requirements of the PMS software chosen by the client
> Developed best practice notes accordingly to fully optimise the solution for the benefit of the hotel
> Using best practice, coached the hotel team who were building the settings in the background of the software
> Continuous review of the settings, ensuring the COVID Secure messaging was inserted as a confidence building measure for the consumer
> Liaise with the software vendor team to ensure transition between the old PMS and the new software
> Liaise with the web developer in implementing the website’s new booking engine

Overall, the owner was happy with the overall process and was thankful for my oversight of the project and for guiding the hotel team.

building confidence | building advantage

Hello Everyone

Hope you, your family and teams are keeping safe and well.  Yet again, this past week has proved very challenging for hospitality businesses across the UK.  However, as ever, our sector has continued to prove their resilience and ability to adapt to the changing trading environment, promoting the COVID Secure message!  Yet, hard questions are being asked about how long can many businesses can survive?  Many are now considering ‘hibernating’ their business until next year and ‘bed down’ through the winter.  Some might not open at all come 2021.  Let’s hope that this does not happen.

During this past week, I have continued to learn, re-evaluate and adjust what support services I can offer the accommodation sector during very difficult trading conditions for all concerned, all the while keeping my ears open to what is coming from Government as we all deal with the pandemic.  Of course, the main area of concern is of course possible mandatory travel restrictions.  Appears that Wales is bringing these more stringent conditions in and how long before the other UK home nations follow suit?

So, here is what I’ve been upto this past week:

Revenue Management Client Support
I continue to support my clients with the service delivery that they have come to expect, providing the valuable insights through analysing their booking data, to inform and advise of what do they need to within the next few months to maintain and encourage business on the books.  I will not kid anyone that this is indeed difficult and challenging.  Thought processes and ideas have changed and, what was perhaps ruled out last year, might need to be considered this year.

New PMS Changeover
I am pleased to report that the client that I was assisting and supporting with the changeover of their Property Management System has now gone live with their new software and I will continue to monitor and ‘keep an eye’ on the transition for them.

I have spoken to several colleagues from across the industry this week as to collaboration ideas and how we can service our fragile industry with great support packages.  

Service Redesign
And so, as a follow on to these discussions, I am working (with help and support from trusted associates) on a realignment of my ‘Support and Recovery’ packages that I am offering to the UK accommodation sector.

I have been trying to get to the bottom of what exact Owners and General Managers are needing during this time, considering all of the difficulties they face in just opening the doors.  This pandemic will change how our industry works and I really do think that outsourcing key aspects of work to outside experts will become the norm.

I should have more details to announce next week.

New Software Zoom Calls
I was delighted to ‘sit in’ with a hotel owner on a presentation by an ePOS software vendor.  Very interesting solution, one of the ‘new breed’ of solutions that are helping our industry come into the 21st Century.  However, lots to consider regarding their functionality and how this will fit/change the internal business processes of the business.  It is exciting though and it is great that the hotel owner has embraced the need to change, as a tool to enhance the customer service and better reporting capabilities.  It was very refreshing to work with such an individual.  This sort of research and questioning really exciting, as it can open all such possibilities of how the business can move forward, survive (especially now) and thrive!  It really gets me going as a ‘software’ geek.  Hopefully more to share later.

Hope I have not bored you too much.  If anything I’ve said catches your attention, then happy to have a chat.  You can call me on 07817838773 or book an appointment using the link on the main menu or fill in the contact form.  I promise I will contact you and follow up.