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My Week This Past Week | In this COVID Hospitality World

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Hello Everyone

Working with a Previous Client
It was a delight to be working again with a previous client.  Paid 2 visits (adhering to all the COVID Secure protocols) to their fantastic, luxury 4* property in Ayrshire in the beautiful south west Scotland.

The immediate tasks were the following:

> simplify the rate structure in light of the COVID19 trading environment
> tidy up the various software tools (property management system (PMS); channel manager (CM); 3rd party booking platforms)
> deliver additional training with the hotel’s Reservation Coordinator

It is entirely understandable that the various software tools and booking platforms can become ‘messy’.  Just look at what you’ve gone through lately:

> enforced lockdown
> team members on furlough
> a difficult reopening process to ensure a COVID Secure property
> health and safety risk assessments
> perhaps a team restructuring process with reduced available skill set

These tools and platforms need constant ‘maintenance’ by someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

Are you in the same position as above?  Then perhaps it might be an idea to get me in.

You can call me on 07817838773 or book an appointment using the link on the main menu or fill in the contact form.  I promise I will contact you and follow up.