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These are unprecedented times for the UK hotel industry.  As Coronavirus began to affect our lives, travellers started off cancelling their bookings and then the Government advised hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry to temporarily close.  For everyone involved, from owners, managers, back office staff and on the floor workers, these are challenging times.

However, this will not be forever.  Our industry will come back, even if that future will look slightly different to what was before.  At the end of this lockdown, perhaps with a gradual lifting of social distancing restrictions, it is predicted that people will be very keen to travel and that the UK staycation will explode.

In anticipation of this, during this "pause" in operations, it would be commercially advantageous for you to kickoff with some projects to prepare for reopening.

Therefore, as part of my commitment during this period, I can offer the following:

> No strings attached during our initial chat, where we will have a discussion as to what you need.  There will be no obligation on your part.  You can even call me just for a chat to explore ideas.
> I will prepare a full proposal and email it to you, with a clear indication of what I will deliver and a time commitment.
> I usually price my proposals using an hourly fee.  With this mind, I will offer the first 3 hours free of charge to help you during this lockdown period.
> During this period of lockdown, I have discounted my rates as part of my effort to provide valuable assistance to the industry.
> The only thing that I ask is that I will work remotely due to the social distancing measures currently in place.

Now have a look below as to what I can offer

This is an advantageous time to get that long overdue system clean up completed

Get prepared. Bookers will come back once this is over. Now is the time to look at your reopening strategies

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