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Redefining your operating platform with modern software with my Software Broker Service.

Modern technology should be seen as a tool for driving down your costs and can revolutionise your operational model.

In summary, it should have the capability of: 
  • Efficient workflows – creation and amending room bookings, checkin/checkout, billing, data capture.
  • Distribution of room inventory and rates across all sales channels
  • Payment processing
  • Guest engagement
  • Rate management
  • Mobility – for hotel users (unshackle them from the reception desk) and guest checkin/checkout

How can we help you:
  • System audits - what software you are currently using, is it optimised correctly and does it fit into business processes effectively?
  • Needs assessment - what are your key requirements?
  • Vendor research and shortlisting
  • Project management during the complete lifecycle of selection, installation and training
Property Management Systems

A Property Management System (PMS) is used as a key tool for your property. With the advances in this type of software, it should now be the primary driver for your operations, from front desk operations, management of your rates and rooms, guest profiling and billing. Your PMS should act as the core module within your tech stack, so integration to other software tools is vital in today's competitive market place.

Channel Management

Now that your have set your room sales strategy in your PMS, detailing rate products, selling values and room inventory, it is imperative that these are distributed across all of your chosen online sales channels. Integration from and to your PMS will bring significant benefits to your daily operations.

Business Intelligence

Data is the new oil. Your hotel is collecting a whole range of data, from bookings to guests, across different customer touch points. To power your property, the future needs to be collecting this valuable resource and bringing it all together. From here, the data can be analysed and decisive actions taken to reach more potential customers.

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