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With the uniquely difficult trading environment we have been experiencing looking likely to continue for the foreseeable future, room revenue management has never been a more essential service. Data is, and will continue to be, a key tool in helping the industry’s recovery efforts. 

However, with reduced resources at an operational level and the legislative pressures to maintain a COVID Secure trading environment, some accommodation providers are neglecting their greatest asset - their rooms.

Let me do the ground work for you with my Revenue Management Micro Services
Rate Manager
£ 69.00

per week / min 4 weeks

  • Monitoring your rates
  • Monitoring your competitors' rates
  • Choose upto 5 competitors
  • Pricing reports shared with you every week
  • Review daily pricing - 30/60/90 days out
  • Rate/restrictions adjustment recommendations
Analytics Manager
£ 69.00

per week / min 4 weeks

  • Full suite of comprehensive booking data
  • Key performance metrics for room sales
  • Current month + 5 consecutive months
  • Booking trends and source analysis
  • Ideal for informing business decision making
Distribution Manager
£ 69.00

per week / min 4 weeks

  • Focus on driving performance on 2 online booking channels
  • One channel must be your website booking engine
  • Weekly performance report
  • Ensure room types, rate plans and policies are optimised
  • Sales tactics and best practice recommendations
Full Service Suite
£ 175.00

per week / min 4 weeks

  • Rate Manager
  • Distribution Manager
  • Analytics Manager
  • All 3 services in 1

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