Supporting Recovery in the Accommodation Sector

Supporting your property's recovery

To help the accommodation sector in their recovery efforts, I am delighted to offer my Support and Recovery Micro Services.  More details are below.

Essentially, my Micro Services focus on key parts of your room sales operation and of course, I will work in collaboration with you and your team in driving revenue.  All data scorecards, insights and recommended action points will be shared you through our platform.

If you wish for the complete package, then I would be delighted to offer a tailored solution designed for your specific needs.

And, by the way, I will not expect you to sign up to a long term contract.  As a way of helping you in your recovery, I will operate on a monthly rolling commitment.

Micro Services Pricing

  • 10 Months Step By Step Consulting

  • Perfect Design For Professionals

  • Clear Business Plans And Solutions

  • High Quality Products

  • Creative Features And Solutions

  • Perfect Design For Professionals

”£” ”69″


$ 19
Distribution Manager

Mobile-Optimized Powerful Metrics Free Domain Annual Purchase 24/7 Support

$ 27

Mobile-Optimized Powerful Metrics Free Domain Annual Purchase 24/7 Support

Rate Manager
£ 69.00

per week/min 4 weeks

  • Monitoring of your rates
  • Monitoring of up to 5 competitors' rates
  • Review daily pricing 30/60/90 days out
  • Recommendations for action on price/restrictions
  • Update on systems/sales channels if required
Analytics Manager
£ 69.00

per week/min 4 weeks

  • Suite of data scorecards
  • Focusing on current + next 5 months
  • Monitoring your business on the books
  • Monitoring room sales pickup
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Distribution Manager
£ 69.00

per week / min 4 weeks

  • Focus on driving performance on 2 online selling channels
  • One of those channels must be your website booking engine
  • Weekly performance metrics report for both channels
  • Ensure appropriate room types, rates and booking policies are in place
  • Best practice recommendations to drive sales
  • Latest information on available sales tactics to use
$ 120.00


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